What fuels us?


Walk into any gym, pick up any fitness magazine, or take a glimpse at social media and you are bombarded with information about how to improve your health or fitness. Technology has given us the opportunity to spread mass amounts of information in the blink of an eye.

Non evidence-based nutrition and training information is spread frequently via various outlets. With an influx of information surfacing regarding training and nutrition, one can easily get lost in translation. Cornerstone Powerlifting and Performance was created to build upon the foundational principles of training and nutrition, which can be reflected in our evidence-based approach to training and nutrition.

This is what ultimately fuels us.  We have a passion for providing quality, evidence-based information about exercise and nutrition.  We are by no means even saying that we are experts, but we do have an appropriate academic background, experience, and a desire to stay up to date on the latest research in the field of exercise and nutrition.  We may not have an answer to every question, but that gives us an opportunity to expand our knowledge by researching the question. Educating, coaching, and motivating others make up the backbone of our mission.

Our coaches work with a wide variety of clients including but not limited to: powerlifting, Crossfit, bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitors, and physique improvement.

We are also fueled to practice what we preach.  The information that we share and the coaching methods we provide to our clients are the same principles that we use in our daily lives.  Each day, we strive to better ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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