Manifest in Motivation

20 Dec



As cliché as it may sound, many argue everything happens for a reason.

Everything happens because something has caused it to happen.

The law of “cause and effect” can be connected to the choices we make — which in turn result in a particular outcome.

For a given outcome, there is often a cause.

A lackluster diet coupled with poor physical activity habits can result in poor health.

Regularly practicing free throw shots in basketball warm-ups usually results in improved performance from the charity stripe.

Consistently attending class and investing time in completing assignments typically results in good grades.

Failing to stay up-to-date on maintaining a vehicle’s required service recommendations can lead to expedient depreciation of the vehicle.

Choices are causes.

We have choices to make every day.

What we do in the present can influence our tomorrow.

We become what we repeatedly do.

Defining Your Success

Success is highly individualized and contextual.

The definition of success is different for everyone.

Society’s perception of what success is or what success looks like is meaningless.

You define your own success.

What you plan to accomplish ultimately determines whether you are successful or not.

Everything may happen for a reason; however, nothing just happens.

Taking a results-driven approach, whatever the goal, will bring you a step closer to meeting a goal head on.

Goals, big or small, have to be worked at.

Goals, no matter how big or small, have to be worked at.

Goals, no matter how big or small, have to be worked at.

The S.M.A.R.T method

Goals can be short-term or long-term.

At any rate, using the S.M.A.R.T method is a surefire way to assist you in achieving a goal.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R– Realistic

T – Timely

Specific: The more precise and clear a goal is, the greater the chance of it being accomplished when compared to a general goal.

For instance, a general goal is “I want to lose some belly fat.”

On the other hand, a specific goal is “I will lose 2% body fat in two months by following a tailored nutrition and training program catered to me.”

Measurable: How will you measure your progress towards attaining the goal? What data will you collect?

When you measure your goal, you are more apt to stay on track. ‘

Continuously monitoring and tracking will expose adjustments that need to be made.

Furthermore, when we track our path towards an outcome, we learn more about the process itself and pick up on trends propelling us or derailing us from our goal – giving us valuable feedback to adjust accordingly.

Attainable: I enjoy telling clients that a goal isn’t a goal until you write it down on paper.

Goals remain imaginative dreams until you physically write them down.

Make your dreams your goals.

When you write down your goal on paper, you are more likely to build your self-image and begin to see yourself developing the traits and characteristics needed to accomplish the goal.

Realistic: A goal must be representative of what you are willing to do and what you are able to do. Those boundaries are different for everyone and ultimately relate back to experience and motivation.

For example, a newly trained athlete wanting to bench press 315 lbs by February 2015 when his current one rep max is 225 lbs is highly unlikely.

This is not a realistic goal.

We must be true with ourselves and if we are tracking and measuring progress, we should have a strong inkling as to what our capabilities and desired outcome will look like.

Timely: With no established time frame, there is no sense of urgency to accomplish the goal.

If you set a date for obtaining your goal, you subject yourself to be held captive working towards that goal each and every day.

Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.

Manifest in Motivation

Whether your goal is to be a successful business owner, become a homeowner, squat 500 pounds, earn an advanced degree, or recover from intensive open heart surgery – the conscious choice of manifesting in motivation will often times make your goal more tangible and attainable.

What is manifesting in motivation?

  • Submerse yourself in your goal.
  • Live the process.
  • Fall in love with the process.
  • Endure in the challenges and obstacles the process presents.
  • Overcome and outlast

Above all, trust the process.


Focus, drive, and desire.

Trust the process.

Trust the Process

To fully reach a goal, one must have faith.

Faith is to have a deep-rooted trust in what cannot be seen.

Having faith is learning how to operate in the present, but visualizing the future the best you can. Often times, having faith is inherently possessing a sense of knowing and certainty which can guide us.

Not knowing what is unfolding or why is perhaps the biggest challenge when establishing trust in the process.

It is often in these times of uncertainty that we may get discouraged or feel defeated.

However, if we subject ourselves to endure and continue to work towards our goal, whatever it may be, results will often follow.

If success was a linear process, we would all have met our goal with ease last year.

I enjoy a challenge.

I want to experience the non-linear process of achieving a goal.

Some days will be better. Other days will be worse.

Find the blessings and positives each day brings. Live out your goal.

Visualize what it is you want to achieve and it will become more concrete.

The components of achieving a desired outcome are influenced by our desire, choices, and motivation.

Above all, the cornerstone of meeting our goal head on is rooted in our faith and trusting the process.

Trust the process and results will follow.


Hard work breeds success.

Hard work breeds success.




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